Several tons of lead stolen from Kiefer Studio

Anselm Kiefer has fallen victim to lead thieves for a second time. Burglars dismantled a large work, comprised of 10 tons of lead and 12 tons of marble, in the artist’s workshop in Croissy-Beaubourg. Although the value of the artwork far exceeds the value of the raw materials, the thieves made away with lead valued at over 1500EUR per ton. Despite security and police presence, they were succeeded by another group of opportunists who were apprehended leaving the area with leftover metal from the scene.

Kiefer has previously been a victim of metal theft, when several tons of lead were taken from his Barjac studio in 2008. They were later recovered by police at scrap metal outlets in the area. The burglary comes at a time when lead and bronze theft is at an all time high with works such as Henry Moore’s ‘Large Spindle Piece’, situated at Kings Cross station, being protected by a high security presence.

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