Conrad Shawcross’ – ‘Paradigm’

Earlier on in the year we had the honour of installing Conrad Shawcross’ ‘Paradigm’ at the Francis Crick Institute in London. Commissioned by both the Institute and the Wellcome Trust ‘Paradigm’ was selected as part of a collaboration between the Crick and Artwise Curators and is inspired by Thomas Kuhn’s theory that scientific discovery is not a linear process but the result of several shifts in thinking which lead to series of breakthroughs. The sculpture posed many unique obstacles, not only as one of the tallest installed in Central London at 14 metres tall, but also due to the site of installation, and the Crick institute has commissioned a selection of films to document the process from conception, to fabrication, to installation. The below film features the transport and installation of the work by Mtec.

You can read more about the sculpture and watch the other films in the series commission by the Francis Crick institute here.