MA-CO Italia announced as official transport and logistics partner of Florence Biennale

We are extremely proud to announce that our sister company, MA-CO ITALIA,  has been selected as official partner of the 2015 Florence Biennale:‘X Florence Biennale: art and the polis’.

The Biennale will take place in the heart of Florence, at the Fortezza da Basso, from October 17th to 25th, 2015.

MA-CO Italia will be in supporting artists from across the world with our expertise in art handlingcustoms clearanceexport formalities and fine art transport together with storage during the Biennale and packing services where requiredas well as our more traditional role of installation. We will be installing a range of works from small photographs to large sculptures in a range of spaces both inside and out the venue.

MA-CO was founded in 2013 as a direct result of demand for Mtec’s services within Venice. We have always had a strong reputation in the city as an art handler due to our extensive knowledge when it comes to art installation and logistics within Venice generally. Following the closure of our suppliers, there became a real need for our company to have a base in Italy to negotiate the very unique transport issues faced when moving and installing art into Venice; thus MA-CO Italia was founded.

We set up a warehouse facility in Marghera, at the edge of the dock area into Venice Lagoon. All road freight is consigned to the Marghera area where it is transferred at the Docks (Tronchetto) for direct delivery by boat to its final destination. MA-CO Italia is ideally based, with a full range of facilities including provision for case-making, a large yard area for trans-shipment of artwork, bilingual clerical and technical staff and an extensive inventory of lifting equipment and climate-controlled vehicles.

Our aim as the Italian arm of Mtec was to eliminate many of the issues faced by northern european galleries when transporting artworks in and out of Venice and we seek to mitigate the traditional such premium traditionally charged by Venetian shippers.

MA-CO as an Italian company can negotiate leverage on behalf of our clients when it comes to import and export of works within the city, helping to eliminating much of the bureaucracy which commonly causes issues for galleries and exhibitors.

MA-CO Italia’s success in Venice is perhaps best demonstrated by the range of exhibitions we have been involved since 2013 (some of which are highlighted below).

Annually we work on many of the major exhibitions in Venice, undertake numerous shipping operations including complex import and export of artworks and install several museum shows around the city.

We are known for our innovative, can-do attitude when faced with unique logistical issues which can only be faced in Venice and we hope to apply this to our work in Florence at the Biennale.

Here are some of the highlights of MA-CO’s installation and shipping history: