Mtec Experts | The Line

This month we had the pleasure of talking to Simona Pizzi of The Line about how consistently working with Mtec has made the logistics of the project easier year on year, to form a solid and efficient partnership.

‘Since 2015, Mtec have been the official installation partner of The Line and have undertaken a number of installation and deinstallation of sculptures located in East London between The O2 and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The Line was first installed in May 2015 and I started work at The Line in April 2016, and have worked with Mtec to de-install some of the sculptures on the trail. Mtec are renowned for their expertise in installing large sculptures and my experience with them has been no different. I was able to oversee the de-installations and what impressed me most is the way the team worked cohesively together, it was like watching a well choreographed ballet and the process was made to look incredibly simple and straightforward. I felt at ease, especially when you have an 8 metre tall bronze sculpture dangling over the waters of the Royal Docks!

Scott Carpenter has been The Line’s main contact throughout and has been incredibly helpful with advice. He has been patient and accommodating with scheduling as we try to co-ordinate arrangements with multiple stakeholders. Lee Swainstone has been the Mtec’s main contact during the de-installation of works and has been great at co-ordinating the Mtec team and keeping local business owners happy whilst works are in progress. The relationship between The Line and Mtec continues to evolve with each project and their flexibility and willingness to make amendments as we go along only serves to strengthen the professional partnership.

The Line is a young not-for-profit organisation and we have to fundraise for every penny we spend, and we operate in areas of London which are not your normal ‘art’ destinations. We are looking at the future and recently we spent a lovely day walking The Line with all interested parties, including Mtec Project Manager Scott Carpenter, to assess viable installation sites considering factors like interesting view points, access issues, cost-effectiveness and what types of artworks would work well on such sites. It was great to have Scott’s viewpoint, especially his ideas on what we could do in order to keep costs down!

Mtec know what they are doing. They have an expert staff and can certainly handle all fine art projects. Furthermore, I feel that the company is looking to the future and is constantly looking at improvements to their services but also what they want to provide.’

We’d like to thank Simona for her time and insight into working with us and look forward to beginning work on this year’s installations for The Line.

If you are planning a large-scale project or if you already work with us but would like to discuss how expansion of our services or team could benefit you, then please email info@mtecfreightgroup.com and we will endeavour to get in touch as soon as possible.