#12daysofinstallation Mtec Installations | Antony Gormley @ St Paul De Vence

This #summerofsculpture has truly been an international one for Mtec and we are proud to have been involved in the first International Biennial of St Paul de Vence. The village, steeped in a history which has drawn artists to its walls, hosts 13 established artists and 4 emerging artists as part of free programme of events including a Fringe festival embracing the link between art and the iconic setting.

Mtec were responsible for the shipping and installation of Antony Gormley’s ‘BIG SWITCH’ (2014). Sited on a prominent hillside location, the installation involved working intuitively with the necessary equipment in the unique and sensitive environment posed by the villages historical features including limited and restricted access. The location of the piece perfectly highlights the relationship between Gormley’s work and its link with architectural forms from the past.

To read more about the Biennial, which runs until Aug, 31, and ‘BIG SWITCH’ visit the St. Paul De Vence website.