Mtec Installations | Jenny Holzer @ Louvre, Abu Dhabi

Perhaps one of the most challenging installations of 2017 is now complete. After 3 months of 13 hour days, our team of 8 specialist technicians returned from Abu Dhabi having installed Jenny Holzer’s monumental commission ‘For Louvre Abu Dhabi’.

The artwork, comprises of 328 panels, with a combined weight of over 118 tonnes and requires an extreme level of accuracy in installation; with a tolerance of 5mm over each 20m stretch. The installation conditions often peaked above 50C, with health & safety requiring work to cease at 45C and take 3 hour breaks from the midday heat.

As well as the unforgiving conditions all equipment, including two cranes, were shipped along with the artwork in a colossal 40x40ft container.

We would like to thank all of our Staff who worked on this groundbreaking project, it was an amazing team effort by all. For more information on the piece please visit the Louvre website here.