#12daysofinstallation Mtec Installations | The Railway Tree – Newham Council

Mtec were contacted by long-standing colleagues Rupert Harris Conservation to assist in the relocation of Malcolm Robertson’s ‘The Railway Tree’ as part of the ongoing regeneration of Stratford Town Centre. Commissioned in 1996 as part of the Stratford City challenge the piece has had numerous episodes of renewed relevance throughout its life, especially with launch of Stratford International station and the hosting of London 2012.

Newham Council required for the sculpture to be refurbished and moved from its position outside Stratford International¬†to a new prominent location 30m away within the redesigned town centre road system. The citing of the piece is integral to its message, with the structure linking to compass points in a nod to the area’s connection with the engineering and transport industries which, at one time, employed over 3,000 local people building nearly 2,000 locomotives over its history. The steel girder branches of the piece are shaped like railway tracks and are arranged to create a tree-like structure in an area bereft of natural landscaping and also reminds us of the areas intrinsic historical links with the Great Eastern Railway.
For more information on the piece and other changes planned for Stratford Town Centre you can visit the Newham Council website.