Mtec Services | Custom Vehicles

We are pleased to be adding another two custom vehicles to our fleet in the coming weeks. Both vehicles are currently undergoing additional works in order to bring them in-line with our exacting standards and fulfil the bespoke requirements needed for fine-art shipments and installations, both nationally and internationally.

The first of our two new acquisitions will be utilised both in the UK and Europe. Due to its compact size when compared to our other vehicles, the van will be used to reduce client costs and increase the accessibility for inner city jobs or those in more complex locations.

With full climate control and air-ride suspension the van has the full museum specification of a large fine-art logistics vehicle in a more versatile package, making it perfect for use on our regular airport shuttles.

Secondly, we will be receiving delivery of a new museum truck, complete with 6-man crew cab and double sleeper, making it perfect for international trips, including those which require a courier to travel with our crew.  This full-sized truck has an interior length of 6m, making it easier to manoeuvre in smaller locations. With an internal height of 2.9m, the vehicle falls under 4m, complying with European bridge heights, making this the perfect truck for international shuttles, museum deliveries and installations and client shipments.

As with all of ongoing acquisitions, both new additions adhere to our ongoing environmental ambitions, with our new van being the first on the road in the UK to comply with the new EUo 6+ emission standard. Mtec has one of the greenest fleets in the UK and we continue to bolster our vehicle inventory with examples which exceed current emissions standards planned for 2020 and our commitment to cleaner air in the capital and Europe in general.