Mtec Services | New specialist vehicle for our inventory

This week we’ll be accepting delivery of the latest vehicle to join our inventory: the IVECO 440-570 heavy haulage tractor for abnormal and heavy loads. It is equipped with the latest environmental technology including emission standard control EUO 6, compliant with the Inner London Low emission zone. It also carries the latest safety standard specification for TFL cycle safety initiative, with side and rear camera system, cyclist sensor units and Red-Amber- Green traffic light warnings for cyclists and pedestrians, with proximity warning to driver and audible warning for cyclists on the busy London streets.

The truck can move large and specialist objects and is licensed to operate at 80 tonnes under special operations. This latest generation vehicle will be used to move the largest sculptures for our clients, coupled to our specialised rear steering remote-control axle trailers as part of the Mtec fleet. It’s also super-silenced for nighttime operations so not to disturb our friends and colleagues whilst they sleep soundly as we move around the London Streets early in the morning.

The IVECO 440-750 is set to become one of the most valuable members of our fleet; providing the most specialist and advanced fine-art logistics vehicles in our field, as well as continuing to honour our commitments to one of the greenest and safety conscious vehicle inventories in the business.