‘The Catch’ – A sculpture for Rugby World Cup 2015

‘The Catch’ is the latest in an ongoing series of collaborative projects between Land Rover’s Design Director and Chief Creative Officer, Gerry McGovern, and the acclaimed Italian artist, Nino Mustica. Working with Gaucho Productions, two identical sculptures have been installed by Mtec in two of the UK’s most iconic rugby venues (Twickenham and the Millennium Stadium) and will remain for the duration of the Rugby World Cup 2015. . Inspired by the sports’ line-out, the sculpture measures over 8 metres tall and is the second piece to be made by the unique partnership to explore the relationship between abstract art and automotive design.

We initially worked with Land Rover, Nino Mustica and Gaucho Productions on installing the first sculpture in the series, ‘Unstoppable Spirit’, on London’s South Bank for Frieze 2014. The installation of the two 7m high sculptures in such a prominent and public space created its own unique obstacles and the week-long project took meticulous planning. Lifting equipment had strict parameters due to the public nature of the thoroughfare and transport had timed windows in which to arrive and leave around commuter traffic in the area; both issues Mtec have experience in dealing with and working around on major inner-city installations.

Our work with ‘The Catch’ began back in July with site visits to Turin, to organise packing and shipping the works, as well as to learn more about the sculptures’ construction and installation. In late September, on the works’ arrival in the UK, we had a 2 day turnaround between inward shipment and finished installation. The install itself required Mtec to construct a platform, assemble the sculptures and rig internal wiring for the lighting, all whilst working around the numerous other logistical operations taking place on both sites ready for the prestigious sporting event to start. The finished sculptures are a beacon for visitors to the Rugby World Cup and were unveiled by Gerry McGovern, Nino Mustica and Lawrence Dallagio (who acted as consultant to the project).

Below you can see a film produced by Land Rover which goes into further detail about the collaboration and the piece itself.

To find out more about the ongoing series and those involved please visit the Land Rover website.