Mtec Installations | ‘Three Degrees’ @ New Square, West Bromwich

Mtec are honoured to announce their involvement in the installation of Graham Ibbeson’s ‘Three Degrees’. Recently unveiled in New Square, West Bromwich, the sculpture, which honours the pioneering footballers, Laurie Cunningham, Brendan Batson and Cyrille Regis, is the product of years of fundraising to acknowledge their struggle in challenging prejudice, not just within football but beyond the terraces. After a final donation from the Professional Footballers’ Association last year the sculpture came into fruition and was shipped and installed by Mtec last month, culminating in an unveiling by PFA boss Gordon Taylor.

In planning the installation, and working with both the artist and AB Fine Art Foundry, the poignancy of the sculpture’s message has led us to explore inclusivity in our own sector.¬†With the latest Arts Council ‘Diversity and the Creative Case’ report showing that there is still significant work to do for employers like ourselves, and with inspirational projects such as the ‘Diversity Matters’ programme at the Museum of London, we felt that we should document our involvement in the Three Degrees project. Featuring interviews with Graham Ibbeson, Jerry Hughes of AB Fine Art and our MD Dave Williams the following film charts the installation of the piece alongside our commitment to diversity as an employer in Art industry.

For more information on the ‘Three Degrees’ visit here.

For more information on the Arts Council, the Creative Case and Diversity in the Arts sector visit here.