Mtec News | Climate Emergency Update – More urgent now than ever!

Early Adopters of Euro 6 Emission Technology

As many of our subscribers know back in 2013, we were early adopters of Euro 6 Emission technology. At this time many of our competitors were just starting to purchase the minimum Euro 5 Emissions engine standard. We worked hard to obtain our first Euro 6 vehicle from Mercedes Benz which reduced NO2 (nitrous oxide) to the smallest levels. This was two and a half years ahead of the legislation coming into place in September 2015. By the time the Euro 6 Emissions standard became mandatory and other shippers were starting to buy EURO 6, our fleet was already 99% compliant.

Natural Gas-Powered Truck

After trying a Natural Gas-powered truck for a few weeks, we have placed an order for our first vehicle of this sort which is due to arrive in August of this year. Although a Fossil Fuel, Natural Gas powered vehicles produce 70% less CO2 than a Diesel engine vehicle as well as drastically reducing NOx and Particulate Matter which blights our Urban streets today. We currently offset the fuel use of our fleet which is 375t/C02 using a carbon offset registered company to VERRA Standards. By using a mix of emission reductions strategies and available technologies we can reduce emissions in our embedded process whilst new innovations are emerging.

Hope for the Future

Mtec as a company are committed to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2021. As a company we have championed Sea freight over Air freight for many years. It is estimated that Sea freight produces ten times less CO2 than Air freight across the range, our Sea shipping lines operate modern, fuel-efficient ships with low emissions. Due to the high number of grouped consignments on board both Part-load and Full Load containers on sea freight voyages produce less damage to the environment than Airfreight.

Other ways we do our bit

Our ethos is to reduce consumption, reduce waste, re-use or recycle materials to drive sustainability in all areas of our business. Our fabrication workshops whether Timber, Metal or Concrete seek to re-purpose or donate materials before re-cycling, this way we can achieve a second or third life for these materials before the inevitable re-cycling process begins. All Mtec facilities use 100% renewable energy for heat, climate control environments, lighting and charging our Electric powered handling equipment.