Mtec News | Covid-19 Pandemic






This month’s newsletter finds the world enduring the constraints of a World Pandemic not experienced since the Spanish flu in 1918 over 100 years ago.

I think I can speak for all my colleagues at Mtec when I say it has been truly inspiring to see the NHS at its best, fighting the dreaded virus and receiving full support.

Thursday evening for communities across the country have seen a resurgence in appreciation for the NHS, this has become a real highlight of the week and a time to greet our neighbour’s albeit from a safe distance across the street whilst clapping our support.

As the extended lockdown looms into the distance and we are all contemplating a further 3 weeks working from home or furloughed by our companies, I am sure we are all thinking of friends and those with family working for the NHS on the front line in our hospitals, risking their own health and lives to help their patients back to good health.

Mtec are running regular services as you would expect for clients where necessary, Mtec feel it is important to remain positive about the future, the world economy needs to reboot learning to live with the new reality of social distancing with the additional hygiene protocols.

Some of our more standard trucks have been re-purposed temporarily to assist other companies with the distribution of food and essential supplies to sustain the nation.

Our Storage facilities are open as normal with a skeleton staff to service your needs and our vehicles are operating where it is safe to do so, many of our more standard trucks have been re-purposed to assist companies with the distribution of food and essential supplies.
However our more specialised vehicles and technicians are available for normal operations.
To mitigate any risks to staff and clients we have set out protection measures, these include issuing Covid-19 specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements, training all staff on the correct use of PPE and social distancing measures.
All vehicles are equipped with Hand Sanitising Gel, N95 standard face masks and gloves as a minimum, a follow car is employed on extended journey’s to reduce double manning of vehicles.

Mtec have taken the decision to ask the majority of staff to work from home whilst some workers have been furloughed in accordance with the Govt. guidelines.

Dave Williams
Mtec Managing Director