New Year Newsletter 2021

A message from Dave Williams, founder of Mtec.

As New Year 2021 approaches, we were all hoping for a speedy recovery from the world pandemic and a smooth BREXIT transition in to 2021, a new horizon for the UK outside the EU, but more importantly not outside of Europe.

Some of those aspirations have been realised. Hope is on the horizon for COVID-19, as everyday more Corona-virus vaccines are being approved. Once the infection rates start to fall, our family and friends will be able to resume a more normal way of life.

As with Brexit a last-minute deal was a sigh of relief for most people, Mtec are very thankful that middle ground was found and whatever your views on BREXIT certainty for the UK and European Union’s future relationship is now better defined.

Since 24th June 2016, Mtec have been working very hard to mitigate any problems caused by the UK leaving the European Union. The Directors at Mtec took the bold move to add a second European location in Antwerp, Belgium to smooth this unprecedented decision taken by the UK on behalf of Mtec clients.

It was obvious to Mtec right from the start that this would change all our lives. This was especially evident for our Mtec team. Most of our staff had not known life before the EU and embedded processes involving Customs Documentation and Movements of Artworks throughout Europe would change forever.

In November 2016, Mtec Belgium opened for business. It was a culture shock, although Antwerp was only 4 hours from our London base. It was a steep learning curve with many different rules and regulations and a myriad of working practices throughout, and was not always a smooth passage but assisted by our fantastic Belgium team we slowly made headway.

I can gladly report that Mtec Belgium is a vital part of Mtec as a whole. We are committed Europeans and proud to be a British, Belgian and Italian European Tour de Force!

Our clients will find many changes to the process of art shipping ahead in 2021. A little-known fact is that most UK vehicles departing the UK for the EU will have limits placed on them for deliveries and collections in the EU, and this will drive up prices and limit opportunities for load sharing, as had become our previous habits.

Thankfully, Mtec have used the last four years to invest in our Belgium offering, we have a Belgium registered fleet of vehicles, Bonded Warehousing in the Port of Antwerp and an expert team based in Belgium, London and Venice.

Mtec vehicles do not need to stop at Port of Entry to confirm documentation and we can arrange Customs Clearance at our facilities on site in the UK.

These European vehicles will have full access to the UK as well as the EU. There are no limits on deliveries and collections, similar to a UK registered vehicle. This is coupled with the fact that our clients can have assurance that the artworks will be in the care of Mtec staff on an Mtec vehicle.

Happy New Year – Stay Positive.