fabrication / installation / Art Transport

Rock on Top of Another Rock, the Serpentine Gallery, Hyde Park. This was the first public sculpture by Swiss artists Fischli/Weiss to be commissioned in the UK.

Amongst the early morning joggers and tourists in one of London’s most public places, two giant stones, perfectly positioned, sit unsupported; one on top of the other. A simple gesture realised on a monumental scale. Much of the beauty of this piece is the effortless balance, while for us it was absolutely crucial that the stability of the piece was proven before installation.

Working closely with the artists’ studio and the Serpentine Gallery, we began by searching for two perfectly fitting stones. After six months, the two stones were eventually found in the mountains of North Wales. They weighed almost 30 tons each, so their exact shape was mapped by structural engineers, Arup, using state-of-the-art light detection and ranging surveying technology. 3D printing was then used to produce exact physical models at one twentieth of the scale to explore different balancing configurations of the two rocks.

A test installation was organised on-site in Wales, and the stones sat perfectly. Then the rocks were transported directly to the pre-laid foundations and installed at dawn to minimise interruption to the park and public. The simplicity of the final solution meant that it was possible to complete the installation in less than three hours. Credit_Icon_2