Marc Quinn

installation / project management

Mtec was appointed to coordinate the installation of monumental sculptures and large scale paintings for an exhibition in Monaco’s Institut Océanographique, which is adjacent to the Royal Palace.

The Littoral Zone exhibition included sculptures, paintings and installations which were shown throughout the oceanographic museum, alongside its collection of marine specimens and underwater fauna. Over 60 works by Marc Quinn were installed inside and outside the museum, including new works such as the The Origin of the World (Cassis madagascariensis) Indian Ocean, 310, a huge 3 metre bronze shell, new underwater paintings from the series The Zone, Self 2011 and Planet, and a 10 metre bronze baby that welcomed visitors to the historic building.

One of the main technical challenges was access to the exhibition spaces via the grand front steps. The positioning of a 45 tonne sculpture, Evolution, carved from white Carrera marble in 10 parts, over a large aquarium was particularly complex. Our project management team worked closely with the museum engineers in order to reinforce the floor structure to support the artwork and protect the aquarium below. A steel sub-frame was fabricated and assembled on-site and the floor surface was re-laid to conceal all traces of the fabrication below.

The installation of a bronze sculpture on the roof of the building created another unique challenge. Mtec calculated the wind-loading of the sculpture in the design of the base in order to protect the artwork from the mistral wind which frequently reaches speeds of 130km/h. Credit_Icon_2