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Lessons learned: how will Covid changes help logistics prepare for Brexit? - The Loadstar

I think it’s fair to say that most people and companies have had a difficult year so far, especially with the further onset of COVID 19 prolonging the enforced stay at home for most people.

Here at Mtec, work has rallied in the third quarter and getting back to some form of near normality with people trying to work from home where possible.

Little had we all thought that there were still difficult negotiations going on in the background with the ever-looming deadline of the UK Exit from the European Union so called – BREXIT.

Needless to say to everyone, but I am going to say it anyway, that as the deadline looms there is going to be a rush to return artworks that need to remain in the EU and better to get it there before BREXIT.

Mtec are uniquely placed having locations in London, Antwerp and Venice with our own vehicles travelling between these locations on a Bi-weekly basis, therefore now is the time to think ahead and let us move these artworks at a competitive cost, rather than just before the Christmas rush when space and more importantly cost are at a premium.

Mtec operate Customs Warehouses in all locations across Europe. Particularly important in the UK we can provide Local Clearance with expedited services that do not require our vehicles to stop at the Port of Entry or Exit. Whether that is Dover, Folkstone, Southampton or Harwich, our vehicles will simply enter and exit the UK avoiding the delays that are likely to ensue in early January 2021.

Whether your ultimate destination is the EU, Switzerland or further afield it makes sense to start planning now. If you plan to see what is going to happen after Christmas then Import tax via the Mtec Antwerp facility is only 6% or artwork can be placed directly into our Bonded Warehouse facility.

If you would like to discuss your possible requirements and find out how Mtec can assist your business please get in touch with our expert Customs Team on Customs@mtecfineart.com or Dave Williams at dave@mtecfineart.com – for matters of a more confidential nature.

We pride ourselves on great our Client Services with a positive attitude!


Dave Williams
Mtec Managing Director